Frequently Asked Questions

SMTP ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ) It is a system which allows you to send and receive email.

You need 2 VPS and 2 brand domain names of your business. 1 VPS for SMTP Server and 1 for Email application System .

Also 1 domain for your SMTP Server and 1 for email Address that will be connected to your Email application System. (All these are included in the cost of your package.)

Once you decide on a service package you want and place your order, you will have to select from any of the payment options provided in the checkout and complete your payment.

Upon completion of payment, you will be prompted to create an account in our customer area where we will follow up on your project. You’ll also get up progress report on your project until it is completed within the set time. This process is automated.

After ordering you will need to provide us your preferred domain name you want to use for this server and brand for your product/service/business. This can be done through the customer area platform.

It takes 2 to 3 business and delivers days to complete and deliver the SMTP Server/complete email marketing system.

You will be provided with access to SMTP management interface account and the email marketing software details. 

We will also give you your VPS and domain account details of the third party service, so that you can manage your accounts with them. (You are in total control of every thing)

No monthly cost. Our SMTP Server building is a one-off payment service delivery.

The only on-going cost is for your VPS which would cost 5-18$ a month, which is billed annually. As well, your domain names.

Yes, of course you will get support to all server related issues. Just send us a message via the customer area or to and we will get back to withing 24h. Actually the server gets a daily maintenance checking the quality of each IP, checking for blacklisting, maintenance of MySQL, creating backups, and many more.

IP warming is the practice of gradually increasing the volume of mail sent with a dedicated IP address according to a schedule. This gradual process helps to establish a reputation with ISPs & ESPs as a legitimate email sender.

Yes, we provide IP warm-up services, but as a separate service. However, we can provide you a how-to-do guide.

Campaign & list management is not included in our offer. However, if you need these services, we run it as a separate service on our website. Feel free to us.

We are a service provider and we make sure proper and perfect set ups are done when building your SMTP Server to comply with email delivery standards. We do not guarantee inbox landing or specific open rate, as this is heavily reliant on the email content and spam filters behind the email addresses you are sending to.

Of course you can work with the serve for commercial use, but Spamming is not allowed. Use the server with responsibility. You reap the benefits of what you have sown before. If you work with good Email Marketing standard, you will get lots of benefits, you won’t when your reputation gets bad.

No, The illegal use of this server is strictly prohibited. Don’t use this service to brake the law. Make up your mind before you buy. As soon as we detect illegal activity you will not be able to deliver email any more. There will not be any refund neither.

Of course you can use any browser to enter the URL we provide to use the software installed from  any where. But it is not allowed to use the credentials of the server to run other than the provided software for remotely sending. SMTP data and credentials are for exclusive use on the server only.

You can get blacklisted for a lot of reasons, you should always adapt to good practice. Reasons can be due to bad lists, spamming, bad coding of newsletters etc. When you are blacklisted it gets difficult to get good inboxing rates. You should always strive to have a good reputation to get the most out of the server

Be responsible! Blacklists show mistrust to the campaigns created by you! When this happens you are supposed to remove all threats and get in touch with the BL-Service to get delisted. During your blacklisting the server will be paused to avoid further damage of your campaigns and reputation.

Yes. Cleaning your email list can help to remove hard bounces, spam trappers and honeypots. However, there is no guarantee that these services will clean your list 100%. Furthermore, they can not remove the recipient who will mark you as spam or complain against you.